More Genetic Fallacy


It’s cute that you think your reasons are any bit more special than others have been in the past. It’s all happened before and will all happen again. Have a good one mate.

It’s cute how you commit the same fallacy twice and still fail to correct it. I guess since it’s happened before, it’ll happen again? What you’re not getting is that their reasons for wanting to oppress Black voters weren’t special or well-articulated or moral. My reasons for wanting to exclude one-issue voters who are clearly hateful (be it misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic, racist) are well-articulated and moral. I don’t care that they aren’t “special.” It’s more telling that you have no retorts. You just want to keep painting my suggestion as somehow equal to the suggestions of White racists who wanted to oppress Black voters decades ago. You want to disqualify my suggestion by painting it as something it’s not. It’s disingenuous, uncharitable, and simply not the way philosophy proceeds. Sure, have a good day and please refrain from adding your two cents. Apparently, it’s expired currency.