Who Should Have the Right to Vote?

Who Should Have the Right to Vote?:



Everyone shouldn’t have the right to vote. There’s that one controversial opening sentence that some say is required to draw a reader in. Yet there’s nothing at all controversial about that statement. From an ethical point of view, it’s a true statement once one considers the dangers of allowing anyone to vote. There are glaring issues in continuing to bestow this right on anyone who is 18 or older.

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This is dangerous thinking. The solution is making it easier to vote, not harder.

Register people automatically, move election days to weekends, make election days holidays, make it illegal not to vote, make early voting easier, fight gerrymandering. If we do this the quality of our elected officials will rise because they’ll need to convince more people.

Also, even if I agreed with this in theory do we honestly believe the current political parties would create a fair test to decide who could vote, or would they be more likely to make a test that favored their party?

I’m not exactly opposed to this, but despite expanding rights and making voting days holidays and so on, millions of people will forgo their right to vote. 100 million people decided not to vote in 2016. I doubt it’s because it’s a workday and they don’t want to wait in line. 

Also, I did note that politicians wouldn’t create the test. I’d leave the task to historians, philosophers, scientists, etc. I’d leave Left, Central, and Right far away from the test. The questions should be straightforward and focus on the issues. I also made that clear. 

I’d love to see if more people vote if Election Tuesday is made a federal holiday. It’s an interesting suggestion. It may get more people to vote.