Who Should Have the Right to Vote?

Who Should Have the Right to Vote?:



Everyone shouldn’t have the right to vote. There’s that one controversial opening sentence that some say is required to draw a reader in. Yet there’s nothing at all controversial about that statement. From an ethical point of view, it’s a true statement once one considers the dangers of allowing anyone to vote. There are glaring issues in continuing to bestow this right on anyone who is 18 or older.

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This is the kind of shit that makes conservatives hate academics and liberals and condemn education and facts as bad and destructive. 

Yes, It sucks that misinformed, uneducated people vote in the ways they do, but stripping them of their right to vote is not the fucking solution. Jesus fucking christ.

Here’s another genetic fallacy! One of her tags read “not like those weren’t used to enforce jim crow.” I’ll set aside the abusive fallacy. Clearly, your response is a knee-jerk reaction high on emotion and abysmally low on reason. Whatever disagreement you have with my post, it’s better articulated than your short, abusive response. Yet I’m the “idiot”? Perhaps the shoe fits better on your foot.

Literacy tests in the past were very different from what I’m proposing, for one. Secondly, they were designed to oppress Black voters. As I’ve stated three times already, once in the post, second to another dissenter, and again to you, this isn’t about oppression because the non-college demographic includes Leftist voters! So while it may sound like I’m looking to box out non-college educated voters, I’m not. I’m trying to box out single-issue, hateful voters who can’t articulate how exactly “god hates fags,” that “abortion is murder,” and that “all Muslims are terrorists.” 

By all means, let them continue weaponizing their vote against people like yourself. Let them do so till abortion is even more restricted, till there are more dead children on school grounds, till gay marriage is challenged yet again, till education and healthcare are defunded further, till science is defunded further. Let them have their say, so that every term or two, they have their way when a Republican President wins via the electoral college and a Republican Congress is voted in. 

The right to vote should absolutely be about education, intelligence, and most importantly, empathy. I am not trying to strip Christians of their religious right, but some of them are trying to strip that right from non-Christians. I am not trying to strip straight people of their right to marry, but some of them are trying to strip that right from homosexuals. I have zero interest in abortion restrictions and defunding reproductive healthcare. I have no interest in defunding healthcare, especially for the elderly. 

In the end, it’s utilitarian common sense. It’s a Kantian prescription. It’s the moral decision! Calm your temper, stop the profanity, think it through, and then explain to me why the voting rights of an idiot matters more than the rights of people I’ve mentioned, more than the literal lives of now dead minorities and grade school children! Want to get angry, fine. I can also appeal to pathos. I’ve done a lot of appealing to logos given my post, but if you want raw emotion, you’ll lose on that front as well. This isn’t a return to the literacy tests of Jim Crow. This is altogether deferent and it’s, at bottom, about empathy and getting people to think a lot more clearly about how their voting decisions affects millions of other lives.