Who Should Have the Right to Vote?

Who Should Have the Right to Vote?:








Everyone shouldn’t have the right to vote. There’s that one controversial opening sentence that some say is required to draw a reader in. Yet there’s nothing at all controversial about that statement. From an ethical point of view, it’s a true statement once one considers the dangers of allowing anyone to vote. There are glaring issues in continuing to bestow this right on anyone who is 18 or older.

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In all seriousness, here’s a passage from the piece.

Imagine the elitism, the snobbery, the condescending mindset of the writer. How much better they are than you.

I say ol’ chap is that a white, working class voter who couldn’t afford hundreds of thousands of dollars to be indoctrinated at a Leftist university? And he is Christian!? I will not stand for this!

And where exactly is your well-articulated criticism? All I see here is an accusation of snobbery and elitism (i.e., ad hominem) (boy, you people can’t reason today huh!?), an underhanded way of admitting that yes, I’m smarter than you are and can articulate my position better than you. Gifs and one-liners might work on Tumblr, generally speaking, but it won’t work to push back against an idea like the one I suggested. A White, working class voter doesn’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend college. Ever heard of scholarships? Grants? Financial Aid? “Indoctrinated” at a Leftist university? Because suddenly they can’t choose to go to a Christian university that, at the very least, helps them to articulate their positions better? 

Here’s the thing, I know a number of such Christians and not surprisingly, they aren’t the “abortion is murder,” “god hates fags,” “ban the Muslims” sort of folks. Go figure! I wonder what’s the difference between them and the Bible Belt idiot that gets to make a decision that affects millions of other people. I’m not a Christian by the way; I’m far from one. 

What a shame you use a gift showing an actress that’s far more intelligent than you are, one that, should she disagree with me, would articulate her reasoning much better than you have. She’s also college educated, so perhaps there’s nothing curious about that coming from someone who thinks there’s a such thing as “Leftist universities” that “indoctrinate” people after they spend “thousands of dollars” out of their own pockets. If this is how you disagree, you don’t deserve to vote! Thanks for being a good example of the kind of person I’m looking to exclude from the voting process. I’m definitely an elite and I’ll be as snob as I like once I’m accused of it for no good reason at all. Never mind that your snippet from my post contains important hyperlinks. My my! How you overlook details to make a failed point. 

It feels so good to read this in conjunction with the original post.

Oh, and to be clear, no one has a right to vote. It is a privilege, and no one deserves it.

It is not ad hominem to say you are a caricature of Leftism elitism and snobbery, as you admit. It is factual. Whether or not it hurts your feelings is beside the point.

@philosophycorner are we also stripping the right to vote from non-whites who have not completed a degree program too? I mean, since they’re uneducated as well, they clearly aren’t smart enough to decide policy or vote for representatives.

You missed the point and that’s okay; at least you aren’t rude. 🙂

Again, this isn’t about oppressing uneducated voters. Sure, I singled out non-college Whites because 65% of them voted for Trump. Crucially, 35% of them voted against Trump. It’s not simply about education or intelligence, and the idiot blogger you reblogged from was clearly disingenuous. It’s about empathy. 

So I don’t care about age, gender, education level, religion, and so on. If you can’t articulate your reasons for subscribing to a view and thus, demonstrate your own lack of informedness, you fail the exam. You don’t get to vote. It’s that simple. You need to understand exactly how your decision affects millions of other lives. So I don’t want you going into the booth because you believe that “god hates fags and Trump does too” or “Muslims should be banned and Trump will get that done” or “keeping out immigrants is good, so let’s build that wall.” More importantly, I’m looking for empathy from all sides; I want you to be able to find good reasons for holding the beliefs of your opponents

Notice my questions: What are arguments in favor of someone owning a semiautomatic weapon? What are arguments against this? Why can’t this individual own a nuclear arm? The latter question implies a slippery slope. Who drew the line at semiautomatics? Perhaps it’s time to push that line further back, especially in light of the fact that an AR-15 has featured in too many of the more recent mass shootings? 

I want you to see that reasoning and to find your own errors in thinking as your opponents do. It’s something I do all the time! And guess what? I can’t think of any good reasons why an average citizen should be able to legally purchase a weapon of war like an AR-15. In the end, any one of us might be brave enough to tackle a shooter with a handgun. Few of us are brave enough to try to take down a shooter with an AR-15. It’s unfortunate that one teacher had to shield students from bullets; he sacrificed his life in a senseless act of violence. Ultimately, the shooter shouldn’t have been able to purchase that specific weapon. If you think so, then why draw the line there? Why can’t someone with the means purchase an Apache chopper? 

Anyone who can’t deal with these kind of questions hasn’t thought through the issue enough and it’s questionable whether their opinion on the matter is valid. So far from trying to exclude uneducated voters, I’m trying to exclude inarticulate and more importantly, non-empathetic or even apathetic voters. I’m not your enemy by virtue of disagreeing with you and you shouldn’t want me six-feet under in a box because I don’t subscribe to your religion or sexual orientation or political party. It’s senseless that anyone thinks like that and uses that as basis for casting their vote. That’s my point!

“It isn’t about oppressing uneducated voters, just the ones that voted against my political interests because I believe they’re all mindless idiots that are wrong” is what you’re saying here. The fact you then immediately say anything like it being about empathy is almost shockingly disgusting.

Did you ever attend a rally and speak to the people who you’d like to strip of their voting power? Moreso did you speak to any of these people in a nonhostile setting at length to listen and understand? I don’t believe for a second you understand the first thing about empathy.

You’re hiding behind this idea that they simply aren’t “properly” informed or are inarticulate about their reasoning as a way to reject their beliefs. You apparently can’t come to grips with the idea that anyone could not agree with you without being absolutely wrong which is frankly sad.

Let me ask, why do your beliefs matter and can you really prove they are right? Right now all I feel is disappointment in how base your thinking is, and I have to question the merit of your opinions as much as I question the opinions of the cariacatured non-college white you’ve painted.

@apostalism I’ve lost ten years off my life for your amusement, I hope you’re content.

That is actually a caricature, a straw man. I said nothing about people who “voted against my political interests.” I have most certainly spoken to people on the Right, both in person and online. The setting starts off very civil. I haven’t offered you any hint of hostility, have I? I haven’t threatened you; I haven’t cursed at you. And I won’t. But who do you think is more likely to call me a “Communist,” a “faggot lover,” or a “spic”? After all, who started hurling insults, me the Leftist or Right Wing dissenters? 

The Right very often creates hostility before any line of thinking can be understood. I wouldn’t be proposing this if not for a continuing failure to reason with many on the Right. They lack empathy and don’t want to understand contrary perspectives. Many of them don’t want to silence my vote; they want me dead and they’ve made that clear with their “if you ever step foot in my state, I’ll shoot you dead.” I’ve received quite a number of unprovoked (death) threats.

Actually, I know people can disagree with me without being absolutely wrong. The Right isn’t wrong about small government or about less spending. I just threw you an olive branch. Please don’t find that surprising. There are millions of disagreeable positions, political, scientific, philosophical, historical, etc. I can disagree charitably and respectfully. That doesn’t mean that I’ve misrepresented the kind of voters I have in mind. 

Why do my beliefs matter? Which exactly? I have many views about a number of things, but let’s keep on topic. Why do I believe that excluding uneducated, racist, sexist, Bible Belt Christian, gun toting voters will help matters? 

The rights of millions of other people will be secured. Women will continue to have access to reproductive healthcare. Abortion will remain safe, accessible, and legal. Women will continue to push the bar as it concerns equality, especially in the workplace. The rights of immigrants, even illegal ones, will be taken into consideration. An illegal immigrant won’t be taken by force by the ICE while trying to get his kids to school. The rights of minorities will matter more. Police brutality will become a central issue. Minority lives will be saved; women will no longer be sexually assaulted by law enforcement. Did you know that some states have legalized sex with a detainee? The rights of non-Christians and homosexuals will be secured. There won’t be any of this fuss over “Merry Christmas” versus “Happy Holidays” and all of these demonstrations of Christian privilege. The shootings are due to prayers revoked in schools supposedly and yet there are shootings in churches. Why didn’t prayer stop those shootings? This is about securing the rights of millions of people some on the Right have painted as enemies. This is about saving lives.

Again, this is the moral decision! The right to vote belonging to a band of idiots pales when compared to the health and lives of the millions of people they openly despise. Or do you think I’m lying about what I’ve heard from the Right? Do you honestly believe that some people on the Right aren’t filled to the brim with violent hatred for people who don’t think like them?