The small and mighty things

I like to stop sometimes, on a sunny day, and feel the gentle breeze. To my body it is such a delicate and fleeting thing. Here though is the point of stopping; because in that small and delicate breeze is a whole world of force and existence. When I try to stop and think of all the little things that had to occur in order to bring that breeze to me I am staggered. All of the world, it seems, must have been ordered in such an incredible way, just so, in order for the forces all around me to have brought it to me; from corridors of air flow, the chaotic system of weather, the spinning of the Earth and the heat from the sun. When I try to follow all of the causes of such a small event to their roots, I find that there is a vast, unimaginable scale to it all, so much so that it seems the entire cosmos must have been ordered exactly so for it to happen, and this is beautiful.