Women in Philosophy: Philosophy’s Excluded WithinBy Sina KramerI…

Women in Philosophy: Philosophy’s Excluded Within

By Sina Kramer

I was invited to speak to my current book, which Jane Anna Gordon reviewed in the “Black Issues in Philosophy” series here at the blog. But the invitation to speak to the audience of philosophers through the APA has put me in mind of another project, one I’ve been thinking about for a long time. This other project would be a book modeled after the incredible collection of essays under the title Singing in the Fire edited by Linda Alcoff. Singing in the Fire collects reflections by women philosophers on their careers in philosophy, both the obstacles they’ve overcome and the communities they’ve built to sustain their lives. This book would instead be a collection of essays by those who left philosophy. In particular, those women and people of color (and both) who trained in philosophy, but found work elsewhere; those who started training, but left to study in another discipline; those who left the academy entirely.

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