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“If you observe the hasting sun and watch
The stars processing through the skies, the day
That follows will not prove you wrong…”

Virgil Georgics

There is not a single grain of dust in the Universe that is out of place.

Alan Watts

“The thinker without a paradox is like a lover without feeling.”

Søren Kierkegaard, Philosophical Fragments

“Desolation is the condition of someone who is bereft of help. For a person is not desolate merely because he is alone, any more than he is secure from desolation when he is in a crowd.”

Epictetus Discourses

“Aren’t people just the same distance from God wherever they are? And wherever they are, don’t they have just the same view of what is coming about?”

Epictetus – Discourses

“These slaves don’t know who I am, or where my good and evil lie, and they have no access to those things that are truly my own.”

Epictetus Discourses

“Do not copy the opinions of the arrogant, or let them dictate your own, but look at things in their true light.”

Marcus Aurelius – Meditations, IV, 11

“Many grains of incense fall on the same altar: one sooner, another later- it makes no difference.”

Marcus Aurelius – Meditations, IV, 15