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Time turns all statements 

to either understatements 

or overstatements. 

—Red Leaf Haiku by © John Clark Helzer

Endless in every 

direction, spacetime counts all 

points as its centers. 

—Red Leaf Haiku by © John Clark Helzer

Once the publisher’s 

gone mad, the editor is 

just wasting their time. 

—Red Leaf Haiku by © John Clark Helzer

You thought quantum mechanics was weird: check out entangled time

By Elise Crull

In the summer of 1935, the physicists Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrödinger engaged in a rich, multifaceted and sometimes fretful correspondence about the implications of the new theory of quantum mechanics. The focus of their worry was what Schrödinger later dubbed entanglement: the inability to describe two quantum systems or particles independently, after they have interacted.

Until his death, Einstein remained convinced that entanglement showed how quantum mechanics was incomplete. Schrödinger thought that entanglement was the defining feature of the new physics, but this didn’t mean that he accepted it lightly. ‘I know of course how the hocus pocus works mathematically,’ he wrote to Einstein on 13 July 1935. ‘But I do not like such a theory.’ Schrödinger’s famous cat, suspended between life and death, first appeared in these letters, a byproduct of the struggle to articulate what bothered the pair.

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As time goes on, far 

fewer of those new options 

will be optional. 

—Red Leaf Haiku by © John Clark Helzer

Behold the lover 

dimmed, for what time can’t darken, 

lovers surely can. 

—Red Leaf Haiku by © John Clark Helzer 

inspired by @vasilinaorlova

In a painfully 

short time, most of today does 

not matter at all. 

—Red Leaf Haiku by © John Clark Helzer

Temperature and 

size may belong on the same 

list as time and space. 

—Red Leaf Haiku by © John Clark Helzer

Behind time’s curtain, 

Destroyer and Preserver 

go by the same name. 

—Red Leaf Haiku by © John Clark Helzer

Time casts a very 

strange shadow, given it’s made 

completely of light. 

—Red Leaf Haiku by © John Clark Helzer